We are a member of Community Information and Support Victoria (CISVic), a network of agencies dedicated to supporting the local community through the provision of services that meet the short term needs of people, producing long term results.

The agencies were previously incorporated as Citizens Advice Bureaus, some still retaining this name.

Our Structure

Our dedicated Volunteers are our major front-line resource. They are managed by a
Co-ordinator who is responsible to a Committee of Management.

Statement of Purpose

– To provide emergency relief by means of food vouchers, food parcels and other material and financial assistance to those in need.
– To assist in solving the problems which beset many of the disadvantaged by the provision of relevant information on the rights, privileges, support services and help available and by an assortment of counselling services.
– To work in conjunction with other community organisations in providing services to alleviate poverty and distress within the community.
– To recruit, train and retain a staff of volunteers dedicated to providing expert assistance to enable individuals and families to cope with diverse life situations.

Our History

UK Origins

1939 – The Citizen Advice Bureau was started in England as teams of volunteers were established to assist with community problems caused by the outbreak of war as men left to join the army.

1949 – Following the end of the war, the CAB agencies continued to provide support to local communities.

Today Citizens Advice Bureaus are the largest providers of emergency relief and community advice in UK.

In Victoria

1962 – A pilot CAB centre was established in Nunawading with the assistance of the local council.

1970 – The first meeting of the Association of Citizens Advice Bureaus was held with delegates from ten agencies attending. A training course was established.

1971-72 – New agencies opened in Heidelberg, Kew, Malvern and Diamond Valley-Etham. Heidelberg agency was started by local citizens.

1972-73 – Opening of new agencies brings the total to 25.