We are a member of Community Information and Support Victoria (CISVic), a network of agencies dedicated to supporting the local community through the provision of services that meet the short term needs of people, producing long term results.

Our Mission

To provide information, support and services to help empower people affected by disadvantage and inequality in our community.

Our Strategy

Strategic GoalsKey Objectives
Deliver relevant, high quality and responsive services to the community– Continue to deliver emergency-relief services and high quality information, referral, advocacy and support services to the local community
– Develop complementary and relevant new services to meet community needs
– Review and identify changing needs of our community
Build strong relationships with partners and stakeholders– Expand community awareness of BANSIC services
– Build on our credibility and reputation as a partner of choice
– Develop and strengthen partnerships with organisations
Build a resilient and relevant organisation– Maintain strong financial management and build a diverse income/funding base
– Provide training and support to our volunteer and paid staff
– Strengthen governance, policies and processes to facilitate our work
– Identify and develop new social enterprises which are aligned to our mission

Our Values

Respectful. We listen and we respect privacy and confidentiality

Non-judgmental. We are unbiased, impartial and supportive ​

Diverse. We value and promote diversity, inclusiveness and equity ​

Compassionate. We are kind and show concern and care for everyone

Collaborative. We work with the community and develop and nurture local partnerships